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What I do...

Hello! Thank you for being here. Let me start by demystifying things a bit. I see Tarot as a tool for positive change in your life.


My name is Nathan Streifel, and I am a Tarot Card Reader based in Los Angeles. My background is in Psychology, and that is the lens I view Tarot through. I don't claim to be a fortune teller or read the future (not to dismiss those who do), I see Tarot as a form of life coaching. I take a present centered approach to the cards, and see them as a reflection of your current state. Understanding how you are currently operating in life provides insight into where you are headed. If you are unhappy with where things are going, the best way to change the future is to change what you are doing NOW. My goal is to provide you a new way of looking at your current situation, and provide you with the right tools and positive energy to move forward in the direction of where you truly want to be. 


One-on-One Sessions

My private sessions are a time for us to take a deeper look into your issues from all angles. I cater your experience based on your needs. Whether you have a specific area of your life you want to focus on, or you prefer a general reading that covers all aspects of your life, the cards can help. I am available via Zoom or FaceTime, and I like speaking face to face as it is more conducive to healthy dialogue. In person sessions can be arranged in Los Angeles.


Tarot Readings are a great addition to add your party! Get to know your friends in a whole new way, and lighten up the mood with an interactive group reading. Everyone can get in on the action and leave the party with a few words of wisdom to take with them. I am available for zoom parties, birthdays, weddings, special events, and anywhere else you want to add a little magic to the environment. Contact me, and we can create an exclusive experience that fits your needs. 

Group Readings and Parties

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